Step by step guide to increase likes on social media organically

Step by step guide to increase likes on social media organically

Social media and more

Today most people use the social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Not only for communicating with each other but also to discover the content related to their interests. It's no more limited to being a social media platform. 

Nowadays, internet users have started using the apps like Instagram not only to connect with each other and make new friends but also to get updates from their favorite brands. 

According to research and multiple studies conducted recently, almost 70 percent of Instagram users follow either of the brands available on the platform, which means that it's good news for your business too.

Well, actually not! Yes, there are many businesses that still struggle to get a considerable number of likes, followers, and comments on their uploads. And if you are planning to buy them, then to your knowledge, purchasing likes will just cause a deep hole into your pockets and would not create genuine followers. 

In such conditions, increasing likes organically is what comes as the only solution. But what does that mean?

What exactly are organic likes on social media?

Organic likes are the number of real and genuine people (social media users) who like your posts or articles without any kind of paid distribution. 

For example, if a random user jumps into your official account and starts to follow as well as engage with your content by sharing, commenting, or hitting the like button for any given reason, then he or she is called an organic follower.

The organic approach is quite important for a business account. Who wants to grow their audience not in number but in quality. 

If you had to make a choice between gaining a huge number of followers who never or barely react to your uploads. Or small but hyper-active followers who engage with your posts. You would have probably chosen the second option for sure. 

At least now you know the reason why organic likes have so much importance for brands and even celebrities. 

With that said, let us now know the techniques. Through which almost anyone can increase their likes organically on social media. 

Boost organic growth

It's quite important for you to attract the right kind of audience. In order to grow your organic reach in the future. 

More or less, you must not forget that random fans are useless. They would not interact with your posts. Instead, you need those who can finely tune your social media account. 

If they love your content, the chances are that they even recommend it to others who have a similar kind of interest. This is why you must attract the right type of people undoubtedly. 

It can be easily achieved by adding the right and meaningful hashtags relevant to your post. And that's it, now all you have to do is be patient until one day, you see millions of likes on your posts. 

Bottom lines

Increasing likes organically etc., on social media is a brilliant idea with no doubt. As a business owner or individual, you must try out an organic approach to get quality followers rather than quantity.