Marketing and types of marketing in detail

Marketing and types of marketing in detail

What is marketing?

According to the Oxford dictionary, marketing is all about the activity of branding and showing ads (advertisements) of a company's product or service to others through the best possible method.

Although, it must be said that marketing is not only about branding a product in order to achieve the promotion goals.

Yes, marketing is not what you think. In fact, there are many more things that come under a company's marketing strategy.

For example, it sometimes also refers to the process of communicating and exchanging offers with clients or customers. It's not a big surprise if someone tells you that marketing is about increasing brand value and even the market value of that company. 

Last but not least, there are many types of marketing depending upon various criteria. Here are a few types of marketing in detail.

Types of marketing

  • Traditional Marketing

In very simple words, traditional marketing is related to promoting brands and products. On any particular channel or means that its invention was way earlier before the invention of the internet. 

Before, when the internet world showed up on everyone's computer screen. Traditional marketing has been one of the best and only methods of advertisement available for companies. As the name itself suggest, this type of marketing is since the onset of the 20th century, thus the name. 

If a company is making use of radios, Television, and Newspapers, then it is probably a traditional marketing type without any doubt. 

  • Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is sometimes confused with that traditional marketing. Although, they both are different and can't be referred to as a similar types of marketing. So, what does outbound marketing actually means?

The term 'outbound marketing' relates to any type of marketing strategy in which the business company uses multiple modes. In order to initiate the communication (conversation) and deliver its message to the audience in some way or another. 

The examples related to outbound marketing are quite similar to that of traditional marketing. For example, advertising and marketing through Television ads, radio broadcasts, and print advertisements (magazine ads, catalogs, flyers, etc.) can be considered outbound marketing. 

  • Email Marketing

You must have received any of the emails that are related to promotional ads. Well, it's none other than email marketing.

As the name goes, email marketing refers to an activity of sending content (educational or either entertaining). And sometimes also the promotional messages of a specific message on the email address of that person.

  • Social media marketing

Social media marketingprofessionally known as SMM, is defined as creating content in order to promote a product or sometimes even the whole brand. So, it can be said that social media marketing is about making use of social media platforms, etc. For advertising a service or product. 

Marketers can make use of popular social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook. And video streaming apps like YouTube to boost their business growth. If you ask which is the best type of marketing, then the very obvious answer is SMM