Dangers of buying Fake Subscribers

Dangers of buying Fake Subscribers

Being a popular and successful Youtuber is far from easy. Having ambitious goals of being competitive on YouTube is a great way to kick-start your journey as a YouTuber. But hey, that is not as simple as you think. 

Getting triggered after watching a video with more than millions of views

or coming across a channel with millions of subscribers will surely make you think of starting a YouTube channel. Does not matter what type of content you post. Having the desired number of subscribers or post is not a piece of cake. 

Shortcuts can be tempting! You may start thinking about purchasing subscribers for your channel. You are not the only one. 

Buying subscribers is often considered the best way to grow sub counts. Although, it comes with several side effects which you might not know about. 

The possibility of getting banned

We all know what it is like to be flagged by YouTube for any community post or YouTube video we publish that goes against the community guidelines. How about getting banned? Well, yes! That is very much possible if you are purchasing subscribers.

A majority of Youtubers buying views and subs ask questions like “will I get banned” or “is it possible to get banned on YouTube after purchasing subscribers.” 

The answer may vary since YouTube’s algorithm works differently. If you get caught by the algorithm when buying fake views, they might remove your video or permanently delete it. Same with the purchasing subscribers, you get caught…you are banned!

You might lose genuine subscribers

Besides getting into the trouble of being banned from YouTube, there are other dangers involved when you are buying fake subscribers. 

The take behind purchasing subs for a YouTube channel is to make your channel look popular in order to attract as well as retain more real subscribers. But that is not what you think. And believe me, that is not what is going to happen for sure.

Most genuine users on YouTube can easily make out the difference between fake subscribers and genuine ones. How? Imagine this way a channel has millions of subscribers but only a few thousand views on the latest videos. That does make sense, right? 

Once your existing viewers, more specifically, subscribers, come to know about this, they tend to think that you are not trustworthy or someone who is concerned more about popularity. 

Alternative to buying fake subscribers

You will find tons of other ways as an alternative to buying fake YouTube subscribers. One of the most reliable ones is to buy YouTube subscribers, but the real ones! This is probably the most effective and promising way to increase your sub count in no time without having to worry about bad outcomes.

When you buy youtube subscribers (authentic subscribers), your channel won’t get into the eyes of the algorithm. Nor do your existing viewers develop doubt. Additionally, there are other benefits of buying real subscribers.

A real site is where you can easily buy 100% real subscribers and grow your channel ranking instantly.