best ways to increase Instagram followers organically

best ways to increase Instagram followers organically

Instagram is one of those social media apps that gain popularity over the last few years and reached the mark of 1 billion downloads on google play alone. From this, you can imagine the potential of using such types of social media apps on mobile phones. 

Instagram is indeed one of the best mobile applications that can be useful for all generations of people in some way or another. 

But as a beginner who has just got the account rolling on Instagram, it may get difficult to gain a huge number of followers in a set period. It is almost impossible to get thousands of followers on IG as a person who just created the account, or can you?

Yes, there are many ways from which you can drastically increase the number of followers in no time. Of course, we are not talking about buying followers. It's all about organic growth. Increasing Instagram followers organically can become easy if you follow the below-given ways. 

  • Be creative

You might have seen many content uploaders on Instagram who often copy others' ideas or even post and gain popularity instantly. Well, it may sound simple and easy for you to copy someone's idea. 

But believe it or not, this will affect your organic growth in a bad way for sure. This is why you must stick to your own ideas. By doing this, you can make sure that your posts are unique from others. And frankly speaking, the unique ones get more followers in no time. 

Last but not least, being creative will not cost you. It's just that how unique from other uploaders out there. 

  • Use the hashtags and captions

Instagram is one of those apps which is truly based on algorithms and machine learning. What does that mean?

Whenever an IG user posts on his or her account, the likelihood of showing up in others' feeds (also known as a recommendation in some cases) is almost negligible if the post is underrated. The system will just simply ignore your post if it does not have hundreds and thousands of likes in a set time. 

In such conditions, you should and must use some of the most interesting features of Instagram, like example captions as well as hashtags. These features were specially designed by the app to help out those who want more followers. 

What happens is when you add hashtags to your images. The person who is looking for content somewhat relevant to your post will discover your profile in no time.

  • Optimize your account

Most Instagram users do not focus on uploading their own profile pictures. And adding about themselves in the IG biopic section. What that means is they are no more interested in being an active user of this app. 

However, you must optimize your account by utilizing the features of Instagram to impact your followers in a positive way. At last, you must not forget that the possibilities to gain followers organically is endless.