What does it take to grow Instagram Organically?

What does it take to grow Instagram Organically?

Instagram has been around for almost a decade, with a steady growth of users over the time being. Yet still, this social media platform is continuously working on updating its algorithm and introducing new features to the users. Meaning, that brands and businesses need to keep up to date to maintain a steady streak of account growth. 

While most businesses take shortcuts to avoid stagnation of their user profile, there is another alternative as well. If you are thinking about how you can stand unique from overcrowded social media platforms, you’re not alone. 

There is no need to rely on dubious techniques to grow your Instagram if your business uses an organic approach. Additionally, organic methods of growing Instagram are more promising as well as legal and won’t get your account banned. 

  • Consistency is key

As it goes without saying, the key to the door to success is consistency. To grow your Instagram organically, it is important to be consistent every time. Post new video content, blogs, posters, and/or stories on Instagram to stay connected and engaged with users. 

Most of these you upload won’t go viral. Although, it will help you make sure that you are not losing the existing followers. People tend to unfollow inactive accounts or accounts with irregularities. You want this to happen, right? An active account on Instagram won’t give you desirable output. 

Besides, your account ranking will also be affected by the same. Hence, post consistently.

  • Keep your followers engaged

Posting eye-catching content and visuals are just a few of the many things you need to undertake in order to grow Instagram followers. You have figured out how the Instagram algorithm works and starts working on posting new content consistently. So, what now? 

The next thing is to keep your followers engaged. If your Instagram’s user engagement isn’t strong enough, that could mean your posts lack flavor. On the other hand, it could also mean that your followers are dismissing or ignoring your content. 

If that is the case, you have to get more creative in the first place. Search for inspiration ideas on the internet to get your followers engaged with your posts. 

  • Find better Hashtags

Hashtags aren’t a new concept on social media platforms. Twitter, Youtube, and even Instagram have the hashtag feature to facilitate better search results and recommendations. Which hashtag do you choose?

The best hashtag isn’t the ones that are trending but the ones that are related to your posts. Adding hashtags that a user can connect with your post is quite important to increase popularity on Instagram without misleading your followers. 

The type of hashtag you should use depends upon your Instagram page and post. You can also go with the trend and use popular hashtags.

Final thoughts

Increasing brand popularity on Instagram isn’t rocket science. Using the above methods can help you achieve social media marketing goals through an organic approach. To simplify things even more and grow your Instagram organically with smm panel, you can use a variety of SMM services on the internet.